In today’s connected world, demand for increased bandwidth from exploding data consumption drives forward-thinking carriers to explore new optical technologies that offer increased capacity, connectivity, reliability, agility, lower latency, and costs. Such technologies also play a crucial role in extending fiber to cell sites and the edge, within data centers, across long haul and subsea networks, and beyond. At the upcoming OptiNet China Conference 2022, you have an unparalleled opportunity to explore them along with the cutting-edge research, new product innovations, and optical developments that you need to consider adopting for your future performance and efficiency requirements. Join the thought leaders and global optical industry experts over two exciting days of knowledge sharing and discussion by registering today!

Discover how the latest systems, sub-systems, modules, components, and DCI’s are evolving through an educational program that addresses these exciting topics…

  • Next generation optical transport network/packet optical transport
  • Advances in data center optics and their applications for 5G new infrastructure
  • Optical technologies for 5G front haul, back haul and xHaul
  • 10G PON and 25Gb/s front haul optics, tunable SFP
  • DML and EML chip technologies
  • Gigabit broadband access networks
  • Optical transport SDN
  • Optical transport module
  • Evolution of optical transmission technology
  • Coherent DWDM optics
  • Market for Ethernet switches
  • Emerging supply chain for optical components in China
  • Co-packaged and pluggable optics (COP)
  • Active optical cables
  • Smart WDM transceivers
  • G.Metro/Metro networks
  • Subsea cables and networks
  • Embedded optical modules
  • 5G and optical components
  • 100/200G DWDM ports
  • ROADM based networks
  • 200GbE and 400GbE optics
  • 25G/50G/100G pluggable optical transceivers
  • Open and disaggregated optical networks
  • Developments with fiber-wireless integration and networking
  • Global developments with optical network standards
  • Test & Measurement

Welcome Message

Optical networking technologies have the greatest potential to shape the future of our data-driven world. Each year exciting developments are being unlocked around the globe, and OptiNet China Conference is privileged to be presenting them. For 2022, we welcome over 600 professionals who share an interest in moving the fiber optic networking industry forward. If you are responsible for specifying, designing, developing, deploying, or supplying state-of-the-art optical solutions and technologies, we look forward to meeting you at the upcoming 22nd annual conference!

Wei Leping
Chair, OptiNet China
Deputy Director, Science & Technology Committee, MIIT
Director of Science & Technology, China Telecom

Mao Qian
Co-Chair, OptiNet China