2021 List of Speakers

Wei Leping
Deputy Director, Science & Technology Committee, MIIT;
Director of Science & Technology, China Telecom;
Chairman of OptiNet China

Mao Qian
Honorary Director,
Optical Communication Committee,
China Institute of Communications

Ao Li
Director, Research Institute of Technology & Standard, CAICT, MIIT

Bai Zhongqiang
Vice President,
Optical Transmission,

Bu Qinlian
General Manager,
Transmission Products BU
Accelink Technologies Co.,Ltd

Chao Changyang
Chief Marketing Officer,
Optical Access Network,

Cao Quan
Senior engineer,
Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co.,Ltd.

Brandon Collings
Chief Technology Officer

Dou Liang
Senior Expert,

Guo Lei
Architect of Optical Network,
System Dept.,

Han Liuyan
Project Manager, Dept. of
Network & IT Technology Research,
China Mobile Research Institute

Hu Qian
OIF Representative,
Senior Engineer,
Optical Communication Research Center of China Telecom Beijing Research Institute

Hu Shenglei
Optical System Architect, Tencent

Jiang Ming
Vice Director of Data Communications Department,
China Telecom Research Institute

Jia Wu
Senior Engineer, Network Technology Research Department,
China Unicom Research Institute

Tao Lang
Sr Manager,
Product Marketing,
Communications BU, Microchip

Lan Xiaobo
General Manager of State Key Lab & Innovation Center,

Li Chen
Deputy Director, Network Planning Center,
China Telecom Research Institute

Li Han
Chief Expert, China Mobile;
Director, Department of Network and IT Technology Research,
China Mobile Research Institute

Li Mingsheng
Chief Engineer of Optical Access Planning,
ZTE Corporation

Fenghai Liu
Director of Product Line Management,

Liu Zhi
Associated Researcher,
State Key Lab.of Integrated Optoelectronics,
Institute of Semiconductors,
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Lu Nan
Director of OTN Product Planning,
ZTE Corporation

Ma Jun
Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co.,LTD

Man Xiangkun
Network Technology Research Dept.,
China Unicom Research Institute

Sha Huijun
Technical Director,
Viavi Solutions

Sun Xuerui
Technical Director,
Great China Region and Korea,

Tang Jianjun
Senior Engineer,
Network Technology Dept.,
China Telecom Research Institute

Tang Xiongyan
Chief Scientist,
China Unicom Research Institute

Changhua Wang
Commercial Technology Manager,

Wang Dong
Project Manager,
Department of Network and IT Technology Research,
China Mobile Research Institute

Wang Lei
Technical Director,
Vice General Manager of Science & Technology Management Department,
China Mobile Research Institute

Wang Shuo
Network Technologies Research Center,
China Unicom Research Institute

Tom William
Senior Market Analyst,
LightCounting Market Research

Spark Xu
Chief Engineer

David Yeh
Senior Development Manager,
Asia Pacific,
Silicon Labs

Zhang Anxu
Engineer, Optical Communication Center,
China Telecom Research Institute

Zhang Chengliang
Vice President,
Science & Technology Innovation Department,
China Telecom

Zhang Dechao
Manager, Transmission and Access Network Research Office,
Network & IT Technology,
China Mobile Research Institute

Zhang Dejiang
Chief Expert,
Optical System,

Zhang Pei
Director, Network Products Dept.,
Intelligent Network Innovation Center,
China Unicom

Zhou Jun
Optical Transport Network,

Zhou Zhiping
Peking University

Zhu Jun
Director, Transmission and Access Dept.,
Cloud Network Operation Unit,
Shanghai Telecom