Revolutionizing Connectivity, Transforming Economies: OptiNet China 2024

In today's hyperconnected world, data consumption continues its inexorable climb, driving the demand for ever-increasing bandwidth. Forward-thinking carriers are actively exploring new optical technologies to unlock their full potential and address this insatiable appetite for data. These transformative technologies offer a compelling combination of benefits:

Increased capacity: Delivering the robust infrastructure necessary to handle the explosive growth of data traffic.

Enhanced connectivity: Ensuring seamless and reliable connections across diverse networks, from backbone to access points.

Improved agility: Enabling network operators to adapt quickly and efficiently to evolving market demands.

Reduced latency: Delivering the responsiveness required for real-time applications and emerging technologies.

Lower costs: Optimizing network infrastructure for increased efficiency and cost savings.

Join us at the 2024 OptiNet China Conference, your prime opportunity to explore the latest advancements in optical networking. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge research, discover groundbreaking product innovations, and gain valuable insights from industry leaders and experts. Over the course of two dynamic days, you will have the chance to:


Next-generation automated optical transport networks and packet optical transport solutions.
Advancements in data center optics and their applications for 5G and beyond.
Innovative optical technologies for 5G front haul, back haul, and xHaul.
The latest developments in pluggable optics technology, including 400G, 25G/50G/100G, 200GbE/400GbE, and 800G options.
The evolution of optical distribution networks (ODNs), including 3rd generation ODN technology and 10G PON.
The potential of emerging technologies like DML and EML chip technologies, Gigabit broadband access networks, optical transport SDN, and smart WDM transceivers.
The latest developments in G.Metro/Metro networks, subsea cables and networks, embedded optical modules, and more.


Network with industry leaders, optical experts, and fellow professionals from around the world.
Share knowledge and insights, foster valuable collaborations, and explore new business opportunities.


Gain insights from leading industry experts and thought leaders through engaging presentations and interactive workshops.
Stay ahead of the curve by exploring the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the optical networking industry.
Deepen your understanding of emerging technologies and their potential impact on your network strategy.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to shape the future of optical networking. Register today and join us at the 2024 OptiNet China Conference!

Welcome Message

We stand at the precipice of an exciting new era in optical networking, where innovation and advancements hold the key to unlocking a future of unparalleled connectivity and performance. The 2024 OptiNet China Conference is proud to be a catalyst for this advancement, bringing together a diverse community of experts and professionals passionate about shaping the future of this vital technology. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the industry or a newcomer eager to learn, we invite you to join us in Beijing for two days of insightful discussions, cutting-edge discoveries, and invaluable networking opportunities.

Together, let us harness the transformative power of next-generation optical networks and drive economic growth through enhanced efficiency and performance.

Wei Leping
Chair, OptiNet China
Consultant, Science & Technology Committee, MIIT
Director of Science & Technology, China Telecom

Mao Qian
Co-Chair, OptiNet China
Consultant, Science & Technology Committee, MIIT
Director, Asia-Pacific Optical Communications Committee


Optical Communication Committee of China Institute of Communications
Beijing Xunxizhan Information Technology Co., Ltd.


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