Enhancing Speed for Next Generation Networks

5G, IoT, Big data, cloud computing, and 4K video are creating enormous demand for latency-sensitive bandwidth. To ensure your network is up to the challenge, make plans now to attend the upcoming OptiNet China Conference in Beijing.

This timely event is an exceptional opportunity for exploring the latest technology developments and solutions for addressing the capacity crunch. You will be learning about recent advancements in optical systems, subsystems, devices, components along with how optical networks are being transformed to become more flexible and agile.

At OptiNet China Conference you will come face to face with authoritative global experts and thought leaders who you can learn and discuss issues that are important to you as well as receive their invaluable technical insights. An educational program, chaired by Wei Leping, Director, Science & Technology Committee of China Telecom, will address a wide range of topics under the general categories of:

  • Access Network
  • Core Network, Regional & Metro Network
  • Transmission & Transport Network
  • Data Center Interconnects & Optical Switching Architecture
  • Components – Supporting OTN
  • Fiber Cable

Topics for discussion include, but not limited to the following:

  • 400G
  • SDN and NFV - virtualization of the transport layer
  • Open ROADM platforms
  • Plastic optical fiber
  • Passive optical LAN
  • Dynamic optical networks
  • Open source software for optical networking
  • Ultra broadband optical transport networks
  • Transitioning to packet transport networks
  • Flexible optical networks
  • Pluggable optics
  • Space division multiplexing
  • Converged packet optical and OTN switching
  • CTNet 2025 On Demand Service Network
  • Evolutions towards 1Tb optical networking
  • Data center connectivity
  • IP+Optical
  • Coherent optical communication systems
  • WDM in long haul transmission networks
  • Wavelength agile access networks
  • Metro ethernet networks
  • Flexible grid networks
  • Advance ROADM technologies
  • China Telecom's Commercial ROADM Network
  • China Mobile's ROADM Project Trial
  • Interconnecting RANs
  • Mobile backhaul
  • All Ethernet Storage Area Networks
  • New generation transport & switching technologies
  • Control plane technologies
  • Optical and wireless convergence
  • Test and measurement
  • Optical solutions for cloud and hyper-scale data networks
  • Optical solutions for mobile backhaul
  • New Generation Fiber Cable (ULL & High Numerical Aperture)
  • PTN
  • OTN
  • Digital signal processing
  • Edge P-OTS
  • Converged packet optical transport
  • End-to-end silicon photonics data connection
  • Photonics integration
  • Access Networks & PON - 10G PON and 100G PON
  • Symmetry or Asymmetry
  • PON Architecture - WDM–PON and TDM-PON
  • OFDMA-PON and Hybrid PON
  • FTTH rollouts and applications
  • Digital transmission systems

Welcome Message

The upcoming 2019 OptiNet China Conference encompassing dedicated forums for data center interconnects, next-generation optical transport networks, FTTH and 5G promises to be a vibrant event created around your interests in the latest optical networking and communications developments. A comprehensive program is to address the most significant innovations and issues facing optical network operators and industry during this transformative phase. By attending you are rewarded with solutions for your toughest challenges and valuable information for making those important technology decisions. Come to hear top experts from the research community, CSPs, network operators, data centers, and technology providers share their unique insights over two days of outstanding keynotes, engaging panel discussions, and exciting talks.

We look forward to seeing you!

Wei Leping
Chairman, OptiNet China Conference
Director, Science & Technology Committee, China Telecom

Mao Qian
Chairman, China FTTH Forum

Vladimir Kozlov
Chairman for DataCenter Interconnects Forum
Founder & CEO, LightCounting Market Research


Optical Communication Committee of China Institute of Communications
The Expert Advisory Group in Transmission and Access, Communications Science and Technology Committee, MIIT


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