Data Center Interconnect Forum 2019

Of the 7,500+ data centers that is operating globally, they all share a common need to be connected to be functional and effective. The Data Center Interconnect 2019 Forum at OptiNet China Conference co-hosted by LightCounting Research focuses on providing you with world-class education on interconnect developments, top challenges, design considerations, interconnect technologies, different DCI approaches, ecosystems for cloud datacenter and other exciting array of topics. Don’t miss this full day session to ramp up on your knowledge on DCI by attending to hear riveting talks, insightful analysis, and technical presentations. This exceptional event is for executives and engineers responsible for data center/cloud network design, architecture, management, operations and technology decision-makers.

Session Preliminary Agenda:

*Datacenter deployment plans, designs and new applications requirements to equipment and optical connectivity
*Sales of servers, switches and optics
*New products and technologies
*Progress in domestic manufacturing of optical and electronic chips in China

Speaking & Sponsorship Opportunities

Focusing on application of optical technologies for data center inter and intra connections, this timely Forum intends to give audiences an insight into what is available for implementation today, and strategies to prepare for the future. If you wish to take the stage to share your knowledge, please contact Maggie Li at:

Vendors must be a sponsor to be eligible to present on the program. For details on sponsorship/exhibiting, kindly contact Peter Lee at:
Within Mainland China, please contact Lydia Wang at: